Historic Home Tours

Explore a collection of historic Wilton homes on September 16, 2018, a self-guided tour map will take you from home to home where guides will share the significance it holds in the history of Wilton.

Please note that many of the homes will be open to the public and others will offer a “stop-by for information on the site” opportunity.

  1. Wilton Heritage Museum (1871)
    The Wilton Heritage Society
    5 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  2. Grant Cottage (1882)
    1000 Mt. McGregor Road, Wilton
  3. Van Rensselaer Home (c. 1840)
    6 Mt. McGregor Road, Wilton
  4. Dr. Henry Reynolds Home (c. 1810)
    Isaiah Friedman
    1 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  5. Dr. Orra Phelps Home (c. 1800)
    60 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  6. Dr. Orra Phelps Park (1998)
    67 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  7. The Old Stone House (c. 1833)
    Tim and Suzanne Reed
    136 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  8. Stiles Barn (c. 1745)
    177A Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  9. Stiles Tavern (c. 1793)
    177 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  10. Wilton School #5 (c. 1856)
    15 Kings Road, Wilton
  11. Dr. G. W. King Home (c. 1820)
    200 Parkhurst Road, Wilton
  12. Wishing Well (c. 1823)
    745 Saratoga Road, Wilton
  13. Carriage House (c. 1860)
    76 Worth Road, Wilton
  14. Dr. Moriarity Home (c. 1700)
    38 Worth Road, Wilton
  15. Old Smith Homestead (c. 1840)
    60 Smith Bridge Road, Wilton
  16. Vincek Family Home (c. 1790)
    Smith Bridge/Jones Road, Wilton

Home Tour Booklet (pdf)
Home Tour Booklet (pdf)

Download the Wilton Bicentennial Historic Sites Home Tour Booklet