Historic Site Tours

Self-guided Historic Site Tours

Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22
10am - 3pm 

Thirteen sites including the Wilton Heritage Museum (1871), Grant Cottage (1882), Ellsworth Cemetery (c. 1900), Old Gurn Springs Cemetery (Emerson) (c. 1800), Gurn Springs Methodist Church (1885), Old Barn at Snook Kill (c. 1830), Dimmick Cemetery (c. 1800), South Wilton Cemetery (c. 1819), South Wilton Methodist Church (1854), Louden Cemetery (c. 1838), Brick Church Cemetery (c. 1850), Wilton Grange Hall (1923), and Camp Saratoga at Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park (1929) will be marked for viewing with volunteers present at each site until 3pm.  


  1. Wilton Heritage Museum (1871)
    5 Parkhurst Road, Gansevoort
  2. Grant Cottage (1882)
    1000 Mt. McGregor Road, Gansevoort
  3. Ellsworth Cemetery (c. 1900)
    Ballard Road, Gansevoort
  4. Old Gurn Springs Cemetery (Emerson) (c. 1800)
    Ballard Road, Gansevoort
  5. Gurn Springs Methodist Church (1885)
    Ballard Road, Gansevoort
  6. Old Barn at Snook Kill (c. 1830)
    35 Dimmick Road, Gansevoort
  7. Dimmick Cemetery (c. 1800)
    Dimmick Road and Wilton - Gansevoort Road
  8. South Wilton Cemetery (c. 1819)
    Route 50, Saratoga Springs
  9. South Wilton Methodist Church (1854)
    4285 Route 50, Saratoga Springs
  10. Louden Cemetery (c. 1838)
    Louden Road, Saratoga Springs
  11. Brick Church Cemetery (c. 1850)
    Northern Pines Road, Gansevoort
  12. Wilton Grange Hall (1923)
    Southern end of Northern Pines Road and 67 Davidson Drive, Saratoga Springs
  13. Camp Saratoga at WiltonWildlife Preserve & Park (1929)
    Scout Road, Gansevoort


Pick Up The Wilton Bicentennial Historic Tour Program 
at the Wilton Heritage Museum

5 Parkhurst Road, Gansevoort NY

 Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.


Information detailing the historical significance of each individual site will be available at each location.