Methodist-Episcopal Church

  • Jeannine Woutersz - Town Historian

The Methodist-Episcopal church in Wiltonville was erected in 1871 and served the community until the early 1960’s, when the congregation joined the Gurn Spring Methodist church for worship. The Wilton Heritage Society purchased the building and uses it for a meeting house and historical museum.

The Wilton Heritage Society was formed in 1967 when a group of neighbors joined together to research the history of their homes. At first they met in private homes and then they acquired the former Methodist Church at the foot of Mt. McGregor to use as a meeting place. The building was an 1871 model and had no indoor plumbing or other modern features.

They soon became aware that the year 1968 would be the Sesquicentennial year of the Town of Wilton. Plans were made for a great celebration to honor the event. The goal was July, so the planning was intense for the next few months. A fine parade and many displays and activities came to pass. Everyone was pleased with the success and the society began a series of projects to provide the improvements necessary for the new meeting house.

Twenty years later, Supervisor Roy McDonald named a commission to study the possibilities of helping to make the meeting house into a museum, complete with modern water and sewer systems. With the help of the community resources the vision became a reality in 1993, followed by the Farm Annex in 1997.

The Wilton Heritage Society continues to research historic buildings and sites, with historic tours, programs and projects. In 2007, the Heritage Society joined the Town of Wilton in the Wilton Preservation effort to protect our historic treasures.

The group continues to provide community social events such as a Strawberry Social in the spring and an Apple Pie Social in October. The summer programs, May – October always start with a covered dish supper enjoyed by all. All who are interested in history and research are welcomed to the membership. The Museum is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the programs are the first Wednesday of each month.