The Wilton Post Office

  • Jeannine Woutersz - Town Historian

Picture: Corliss Varney and his horse Freckles delivered the Wilton mail in 1915.

The Wilton Post Office was first established in 1825, according to the National Archives in Washington D.D. The first Postmaster was Henry Reynolds, followed by these town founders: Lyndes Emerson, two generation of Comstock, Philip Varney, John Myers and Chas VanRennsselaer.

Leslie VanRensselaer, his son, was appointed in 1919 and operated the family general store and post Office until he retired in 1955. He married Lillian Pike in 1948 and she assisted him in his duties and continued his work after his death in 1968. Lillian transferred her office to Elizabeth Harrington in 1975 when she retired after 21 years. The Post Office was moved from the hamlet of Wilton, after almost 175 years to the Wishing Well barn on Route 9 with the contract to Penny Paruola in 1999. In the past few years the Post Office was again moved to Cannone’s Plaza on Route 9 with Kathy Fuller as Postmaster.

The Wilton Post Office became an annex of Mt. McGregor around 1954 and when the Mountain Post Office was closed in 1960, became a contract station of the Saratoga Springs office. The question of a Wilton Post Office of its own has come to the surface many times over the years. In 1973 and again in 1988. Wilton has petitioned for a Wilton address and been turned down.

The Wilton contract Station at Cannone’s has boxes with a Wilton address but with a Gansevoort zip code. All services are provided for the fearless customers who can maneuver the parking.

How can the Town of Wilton have an identity when the Post Office address and zip code is Saratoga Springs or Gansevoort?